IFSH Newsletter May 2022

Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg
New discussion forum: Ask the IFSH!
There is war in Ukraine. Many people are asking themselves: How did the war come about? What is the concrete background of it? And what consequences will the war have?
The IFSH provides answers and offers a new discussion format:
New publication format: IFSH Brief Analysis
Our researchers publish brief and pointed statements on current topics. The IFSH Brief Analysis is aimed primarily at media representatives and the interested public.
Debate on nuclear threats and the war in the Ukraine
On James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies’ Webinar Series on Nuclear Threats and the war in the Ukraine Dr Ulrich Kühn with Dr Nikolai Sokov (VCDNP) and Dr Hanna Notte (VCDNP), discussed the risk of nuclear weapons use in the context of the Ukraine war.

© UN Photo/Manuel Elias

Bioweapons in Ukraine? What to make of Russian allegations
Russia accuses Ukraine of developing chemical and biological weapons and alleges that Kyiv is preparing to use such weapons. Experts of Germany’s leading peace research institutes explain in a joint explanatory piece what risks biological and chemical weapons pose in the Ukraine war.
Podcast: What consequences does the Ukraine war have for the OSCE?
What does Russia’s war against Ukraine mean for the OSCE? Are Western states still able and willing to take joint decisions with Russia, in an organization that requires consensus? Dr habil. Cornelius Friesendorf discussed these questions with Olga Oliker and Elissa Jobson as part of the Podcast series "War and Peace".

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Smaller nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine? Interview with The New York Times and CNN
The war in Ukraine is not going well for Russia, says expert Dr Ulrich Kühn in different interviews with The New York Times and CNN. While pressure from the West on Russia is rising, so is the threat of Russia using smaller nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
Ukraine-Focus on IFSH-Website
Further media appearances by IFSH researchers can be found in the Ukraine section on our website.
Kick-off for new research project and network for reinforcement of norms against chemical and biological weapons
With the suspicion of chemical weapons being used in the Ukraine, chemical and biological weapons have once again become the focus of public interest. At the end of April, a new chemical and biological competence network of the IFSH was launched at the Hamburg State Representation in Berlin.
How do conspiracy theories and right-wing extremist ideologies correlate?
The Corona pandemic has shown that conspiracy theories spread and flourish well especially in times of crisis. In the new research project, IFSH scientist analyse the intersection of conspiracy theories and right-wing ideologies.


The Crisis of Nuclear Arms Control
In his article for the Journal ZeFKo Studies in Peace and Conflict, Dr Ulrich Kühn examines the history of arms control between the United States and Russia.

Human Augmentation and Nuclear Risk: The Value of a Few Seconds
In her latest piece for Arms Control Association IFSH Visiting Research Fellow Marina Favaro, together with Dr Elke Schwarz discusses the possible future impact of human augmentation on nuclear stability and risk.