IFSH-Newsletter January 2020

Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg

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Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions
How can we make the world safer and more liveable? At the invitation of the IFSH, scholars, political decision makers and disseminators discussed this question in Hamburg. It was an exceptional conference in every way. The participants went beyond the barriers of their individual disciplines and, in doing so, opened up new perspectives.


Wolfgang Ischinger opens the NSRI in Hamburg
One of the most prestigious conferences in the area of nuclear sciences took place in Europe for the first time. At the invitation of the IFSH and the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, leading nuclear scientists exchanged ideas over the course of several days in mid-December at Hamburg’s Royal Méridien hotel. The IFSH was able to get Wolfgang Ischinger, chair of the Munich Security Conference, for the opening speech.


Security policy, explained
Since December, the IFSH website has featured a new rubric: the explanatory video. These videos will explain questions and topics related to security policy in a way that is both brief and easy to understand.
Our first explanatory video illustrates the dangers of and dynamics behind the modern arms race.
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Apply now for the MPS class of 2020/2021
If you already have a university degree, have gained some initial work experience and are interested in peace research and security policy, then our one-year Master’s programme might be just the thing for you.


New publication series: the IFSH Research Report
Members of the IFSH will present their current work in our new series, the IFSH Research Report. The first IFSH Research Report deals with the role of violence in the sociological imagination of climate change.

S+F 3/2019 – Rethinking the European Peace Framework
The current issue focusses on the future of Europe. What are the driving forces behind the strengthening wave of nationalist politics in many European countries? What is the current state of Franco-German leadership in the EU and of Europe as a force for peace?

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